Kilombero Plantations Limited (KPL)

Kilombero Plantations Limited (KPL) is the Tanzania subsidiary developing the 5,469 ha Mngeta Farm. 450 km from Dar es Salaam, the largest market, by road and rail, Mngeta is situated in the fertile Kilombero Valley, best agro-eco zone for rainy season rice and dry season irrigated maize farming in East Africa.

Investment to date includes:
• 6,200 m2 warehouse and 2 industrial rice mills
• 3,000 ton automated cleaning and drying facility
• Fleet of John Deere and Claas tractors, planters and combine harvesters
• 500KW biomass gasification plant
• Refurbishment of 320KW mini-hydro station
• 3,000 hectares of overhead center-pivot irrigation circles fed by a river pump station, 4 km of underground pipes and two canals, 4.5 km and 6 km

Commercial Sustainability includes:
• Zero Tillage conservation planting technology
• Farm’s own mini-hydro plant powers operations
• Rice husk furnaces produce heat for drying.
• Rice husk waste converted into clean power through biomass plant.

Now fully irrigated, Mngeta Farm will produce up to 15,000 tons of milled rice in the rainy season and 30,000 tons of maize in the dry season, with rotations of beans and pulses.