NORFUND Norfund – the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries –is owned by the Norwegian Government and serves as an instrument in Norwegian development policy. Norfund invests in the establishment and development of profitable and sustainable enterprises in developing countries. The aim is to contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction. Norfund always invest with partners, Norwegian or foreign, focusing on renewable energy, financial institutions and agribusiness.
CAPRICORN Capricorn was co-founded in 2001 together with Jeff Skoll, the first President of eBay, to be the exclusive and independent investment manager of the assets of the SkollFoundation and Jeff Skoll. Its objective is to grow its asset base with a long-term, global, and “principled” philosophy, which it sees as a sustainable competitive advantage to accomplish both consistent capital growth and have a positive effect on the world. That foundational capability was selectively expanded to other like-minded private and institutional clients in 2008.
AgDevCo AgDevCo is a social impact investor and agribusiness developer, providing “patient capital” in the form of debt and equity into early stage agribusinesses and greenfield agriculture projects in Mozambique, Ghana, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. AgDevCo takes a commercial approach to achieving development goals – employment, food security, improved rural incomes – by working on the ground as an investment partner alongside local entrepreneurs and stakeholders.