Our History

Agrica Limited was founded in September 2005 to develop model sustainable agribusinesses in East Africa, where growing internal markets urgently require the introduction of both modern commercial agriculture and innovative smallholder technology to achieve food security.

In September 2008, after a comprehensive search for a superior site and extensive planning, operations began on the first project in Tanzania.

In 2010, Agrica was awarded National Strategic Investor Status by the Tanzania Government.

In 2011, Agrica became a showcase project in the World Economic Forum's Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania.

In 2012, BBC Africa aired a TV report on Agrica's Tanzania subsidiary, KPL, as a showcase project for East African food security.

In 2013, BBC World reported on KPL's leading role in boosting rice production in Tanzania.

In 2014, BBC World News aired a TV report on KPL's transformative impact on smallholder rice production and social responsibility.

Agrica is now a leading producer of rice and maize in East Africa, the staple crops of the region.